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The Skills and Activities To Help You Thrive

Here are the essential skills and activities you need to practice daily.

We just spent the last 12 weeks talking about the 12 shift tactics known to help agents and teams thrive throughout a shift. Today we want to zero in on the skills and activities that will help us navigate this evolving market. During a recent Keller Williams conference in Austin, TX, Gary Keller said, “Skills and activities will determine who thrives during the shift and those who just hang on to survive.” In a choice between thriving and merely surviving, I know which camp we want to be in.

Here are the skills you need to know and practice in order to thrive:

  1. Be a market expert. Know what is going on in your market, and be able to talk to both buyers and sellers confidently and directly about it.
  1. Handle objections. You might have sellers who think their home is worth more than it really is and buyers who think they will just wait out the shift. You’ve got to be armed with tactics to handle objections and the ability to influence and inspire both your buyer and seller clients to take that next step forward. 
  1. Converting. You’ve set the appointment, but how do you get the deal done right there at the table in this challenging environment?

Outside of skills, you have activities. Here are the things you should be doing all the time:

  1. Lead generation and follow-up. Today, too many people aren’t doubling down in these activities. These are the fundamental things that every agent should always be doing, no matter the market. 
  1. Honor your calendar. If you’ve scheduled yourself for lead generation during part of the day, you need to honor that.

If you practice these skills and activities every day, you increase your chances of thriving in this shifting market. Let others be the ones to just hold on and survive—be the one that thrives.

“Skills and activities will determine who thrives during the shift and those who just hang on to survive.” -Gary Keller.

If you have any questions you want to discuss, such as one of our 12 shift tactics, or want to improve as an agent, give us a call, text, or email. We’d love to set up a time to consult with you and help you in your journey.