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Virtual Home Selling Program

In today’s digital world, practically anything can be done remotely, including selling your home. We understand that there are situations that don’t allow you to be in the same city of your home, you may have moved for a job, or you inherited a home from a family member. Whatever the reason is, we want to be the team who help you sell your home virtually.

Our Virtual Home Selling Playbook is very easy and can be broken down into these simple steps!

Virtual Consult

We will schedule a virtual appointment to explain the home selling process and the process of what we do differently to get your home SOLD. We want to learn what your real estate goals are and make a game plan to get what you want

Electronic Signatures

We will email you a detailed report giving you an idea of what your home is worth. Along with all documents for you to sign electronically. We take the time to review each document on the phone to ensure that you understand what you’re signing.

Upgrades and Repairs

There maybe some upgrades needed to be done or the home needs to be cleaned out. We have a list of preferred vendors that will help us get your home ready to go on the market.

Going Live

Once your home is ready to go live, we will host a Grand Opening. When we do the grand opening, our team has done a ton of pre-marketing for your home to let people know your home is available to buy.

Reviewing Offers

This is where we will meet with you virtually and review every offer, from top to bottom. You then get to select which offer that best suits your wants and needs.


After you accept an offer,  we will be at the closing table. This is now where our team shines. By leveraging the technology and tools at our disposal, you won’t have to worry to being here in person. Once everything is signed virtually, the paperwork will be recorded and ownership will transfer. You will get your money wired to you and you can focus on your next adventure.

Our team has helped countless people sell their homes virtually, we know that you’re not going to be able to travel back to the Salt Lake City area at every stage of the transaction. That is why we want to help you get your home sold virtually so you only come here if you want to.