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VIP Buyer Program

VIP Buyer Program

We have a solution – our VIP Buyer System!

Most of the people we’ve talked with are finding that the best properties have already sold… or worse yet, once they start calling they feel a bit harassed by all the agents, are you finding that too?

  1. Guarantees you access to properties that match your EXACT home buying criteria.  No more wasting precious time looking at homes that you’d never be interested in, in the first place.
  2. We can actually get you into properties before they come on the market, we call them Prelist homes.
  3. Our lists included bank owned homes, foreclosures, HUD homes and other Government owned homes (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac).
  4. Our lists also include short sale homes as they become available and as soon as they become price approved.
  5. The Stern Team doesn’t require long term contracts, we work day to day to earn your business.

Would that be a benefit to you? 

One of the things we can do to get you educated about our market is to walk you through the 5 Step home buying process. I find our buyers who invest in their education about the market tend to make better decisions, and you seem like one of them.  

Let’s chat so we can set you up on our VIP Buyer Program. 

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