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The Shift No.9: Creating Urgency

How you can make your clients feel the urgency of this market.

We are nearing the end of our “Shift” series, and today’s topic is so appropriate for our market: creating urgency for your clients.

Imagine I asked you to draw a line going down and stop when you think you’ve hit the bottom. The thing is, you’ll keep going until someone else says you’ve reached it. Realizing the market has shifted is a bit like this. Our buyers and sellers don’t know that the market has shifted—they need to be told it. They’ll hear this from the media, but they also need to hear it from us, with data backing our opinion.

This is why it’s hard to time the market. Some people will buy at the top of the market and pay too much. Others will purchase at the bottom of the market and get a deal. However, most will buy somewhere between the two, in a safe zone.

Our buyers and sellers don’t know that the market has shifted.

The next time your clients say they want to time the market, have them draw a downward line. These are the types of conversations we need to have with our clients now.

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