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Prepare Yourself to Buy a Home This Year

Buying a home these days is like playing competitive sports. You’re going to need to be in shape and know the rules to win the game in this crazy market!


For 2021, the market has been absolutely on fire! There are more buyers than sellers which creates a supply issue. When supply is less than demand, prices to up due to competition. These days, if you find your dream home, chances are, it’s going to be someone (if not many people’s) dream home. As a result of this, you’ll most likely end up in a bidding war. 


Here at the Stern Team we help hundreds of homeowners each year. We’re well versed in navigating complicated markets and have spent years building positive and strong relationships which allows us to have a leg up in getting our client’s offers accepted. Bottom line is that we win a lot of homes for our clients and we want to help do the same for you. 


To buy a home in 2021, you’re going to need to have some things taken care of before placing an offer. YOUR GOLDEN TICKET. What’s a golden ticket? That’s your preapproval letter from your lender. You’re going to have to get your financing in place prior to placing an offer in on a home. In this market, sellers are expecting this and want to see that you’re financially ready to make a purchase. 

Getting preapproved is going to do a few things. It’s going to allow you to show the seller that you’ve taken care of this first crucial step. It’s also going to allow you to understand your loan programs and find out what program will best suit your situation. Our lender offers everything from zero down loans to jumbo loans which are designed to financing more expensive homes. You’ll be able to figure out approximate payments so that you can find a budget that you’re comfortable with.

Next – you need to figure out what your needs and wants are and be very clear on those. Needs are non-negotiable items… things like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a yard (if you have a dog etc). Wants are things that would be amazing to have but may be more flexibility on. We also suggest to make a list of your top 5 Wants and Needs. 

Next – find an agent that you love and trust. Finding a home on your own can be tough.. While not impossible, there are so many ins and out of a real estate transaction, you want to find someone to be your advocate – especially one that knows what they’re doing and has the experience to get you exactly what you want and protect you throughout the entire process!

We have a ton of Stern Team systems that we put in to place to ensure that we put our very best offer forward which will help ensure that you get the home that you love!! Reach out to us anytime to hear more about how we can help you find your perfect home!