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Do You Have Access to Every Available Home on KSL.com?

Do You Have Access to Every Available Home on KSL.com?

Today, I want to talk briefly about why you should be concerned about KSL classifieds for home buying.

As we speak, there are over 11,900 homes listed for sale on my very accurate MLS system. At the same time, KSL.com shows only 8,269 homes, which means over 3,600 homes that are listed for sale aren’t showing up on KSL.com. That’s roughly 30% of agent-listed homes!

Have you ever tried to do a detail specific search on KSL? If so, you’ve probably realized it’s not possible. Instead, you were probably met with pages and pages of misinformation! Additionally, if you’re looking there for homes For Sale By Owner, you’re going to find a lot of inaccurate information.

On the Stern Team, we will actually search for properties for you, ensuring you have access to every available property. We have a VIP system that makes it easy for our clients to get set up and receive access to all properties from all brokerages that match their specific home buying criteria. In addition, you’ll get access to bank-owned properties, short sales, and HUD homes. In short, you’ll be able to look at every single available home that fits your criteria!

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you would like our assistance with anything real estate related. We’re always here to help!