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Steven Underwood

Ken, Mandi, Elizabeth and Amy were all amazing through the home buying process.

We started working with Ken back in February, and were so excited to move from renters to home owners.
It took us a few months, but we were able to find what we wanted, at the price we wanted. Not once did we ever feel pressure to go above our price range, and we’re even talked away from a home that we were unaware would be a burden on our financials if we were to move forward with it.

We can’t recommend the Stern team more, and would be more than happy to recommend Ken, Amy, Mandi and Elizabeth to anybody. I’d truth them with my grandma!

Best part of all, after we became home owners we can now get animals! Thank you for making this happen for us, and guiding us through the process! We couldn’t have done it without you!

– The Underwoods

Steven Underwood