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Scarlet B Wilkinson

I am a relatively new real estate agent, and recently, we at KW WESTFIELD, had the exceptional opportunity to attend a series of 4 trainings, taught by ‘the famous,’ Lee Stern, herself. When I had caught wind of this, that she would be coming to our office? You bet, I immediately blocked out my calendar!
You see, ever since last fall ’23…I’d been hearing rumors about this “Lee Stern” and how this woman is truly In a class all by herself. She’s known for having earned her reputation as being one of the very BEST of AGENTS thru-out the entire state of Utah, and beyond. Lee’s a master at what she does…regardless of what side of the table she’s on…(but you’d most definitely would want her on yours)! She delivered everything they said about her, and more!
All in all, I would say, Lee epitomizes “having an iron fist, in a velvet glove!”
She’s 10, out of 10!

*Thank you, Lee! You put me in awe!
Scarlet B Wilkinson @KW WESTFIELD