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Matthew Stokes

My wife am I have recently purchased a home. No big deal, right? Well, in the somewhat volatile housing market of late, it actually is. I attribute the fact that we have purchased a home, which we absolutely love, as a success entirely attributed to our team.

I have dealt with Realtors in the past. Some good, some terrible and vey few that are fantastic. Our experience with the Stern Team left us forgetting associations with large Real Estate firms. What we received, was a team of specialists, each experts in their respective fields, guiding us with patience and care, through the process. Timely responses, informative answers to our (many) questions. Did I mention patience…? Then top it off with a home that meets our needs and wants, better than anticipated.

We started, just wanting to buy a house. In the end, we found a home and a team of absolute professionals, that happen to be good friends to boot.

Take the opportunity to talk with Stephanie and Kammie. You will gain so much more than just a Realtor.

Thank you Stern Team,
You have set the bar high…
And delivered.
Thank you Stephanie, Kammie and team,
For becoming our friends, while providing excellent service!