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Jack G

I chose Ken, after interviewing multiple agents, because of his knowledge & honesty. I did lots of research and had lots of questions about selling our family home. Ken was able to answer all of my questions about a home sale, many of which were nuanced and challenging. Instead of simple yes and no responses, he took the time to explain the details. I was comforted by how much thought went into his answers. Also, no pressure at all — the whole process felt like a pleasant chat with a buddy. I think if you’re going to make such a monumental decision, you want the most experienced people involved; and you want the confidence to know they are willing to adjust the process to meet your specific concerns, so you feel comfortable. It felt like a back and forth process where my thoughts and concerns were respected, but at the same time a dose of reality informed Ken’s feedback. Kind of like a good parent — open, warm, but principled and honest.