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Andrea Marks

Andrea, originally from Texas, made the move to Utah for school and ended up staying for her National Guard service. With over 13 years in the military and having traveled to 36 countries, Andrea’s global experiences have instilled in her a deep appreciation for the value of having a place to call home.

Leveraging her passion for real estate, Andrea dedicates herself to helping others find their ideal home, fostering community engagement, and pursuing personal growth. She immerses herself in all that Utah has to offer, from breathtaking hiking trails to exhilarating sailing and paragliding adventures. Andrea thrives on cultivating meaningful friendships and connecting with extraordinary individuals along her journey.

Katie Case

Andrea Marks is an attentive, accommodating, and communicative agent! So amazing to work with! I give her and Keller Williams a glowing 5… Read more “Katie Case”

Mercedes Wright

Hands down Andrea is the BEST person to work with. Not only will she listen to you and get you the best deal, she will… Read more “Mercedes Wright”

Nate Holmes

Andrea Marks is the real deal – an authentic, wicked smart, and genuinely friendly person. It’s not every day that you come across someone with… Read more “Nate Holmes”

Allen Nunez

Andrea Marks is a true professional. Dedicated and Hard working. she will always look out for your best… Read more “Allen Nunez”

Summer A Braithwaite

Andrea is a wonderful person, and I am so excited that she is working at The Stern Team. She works hard and is exceptionally creative.… Read more “Summer A Braithwaite”

Matthew Carr

I worked with Andrea before, and she is amazing. She is extremely professional and works hard to help everyone. I look forward to working with… Read more “Matthew Carr”

Kelly Walker Swensen

Andrea Marks is the best local real estate agent in Salt Lake City Utah. Her knowledge of the market and professional attitude are exceptional! If… Read more “Kelly Walker Swensen”

Terry Kuhm

I had an exceptional experience working with Andrea as my agent. Her knowledge of the market, professionalism, and dedication were truly impressive. She went above… Read more “Terry Kuhm”

Janene Creer

We first met Andi over in Germany when she was deployed there with the military and we were stationed there as well. Andi is one… Read more “Janene Creer”

Courtnie Rydalch

Working with Andrea is a phenomenal experience! Her attention to detail is unmatched, but her enthusiasm steals the show throughout every interaction you have with… Read more “Courtnie Rydalch”

Brad Curtis

Andrea Marks is a true professional. She takes pride in everything she does and those she works with. Her attention to detail and genuine care… Read more “Brad Curtis”

Maria Hutchinson

I’m so impressed with Andrea Marks from the Stern team. She is so knowledgeable and attentive and can work through any hiccup. If you are… Read more “Maria Hutchinson”

Ashley Tuft

I am a lender who works with Andrea Marks on the Stern Team. She is very passionate about helping her clients find their perfect home,… Read more “Ashley Tuft”

Nicole Rockwood

Working with Andrea Marks has been seriously awesome! She is very genuine, knowledgeable, and she cares about my wants, concerns, and questions. I would fully… Read more “Nicole Rockwood”

Jolysa Sedgwick

Andrea is passionate, friendly, committed, and RELIABLE!! Really wonderful to work with. I recommend trusting and working with… Read more “Jolysa Sedgwick”

Kendall Jackson

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andrea building ideas and plans on how to get into my next home.… Read more “Kendall Jackson”

Robb Costley

Andrea is the best! She is committed and gives all her time to finding the best fit for her clients. Her communication is clear and… Read more “Robb Costley”

Brooke Ogden

If you need a Real Estate Agent in Utah , ask for Andrea Marks! She speaks Spanish and no one works harder than her. She… Read more “Brooke Ogden”

Madeleine Zenger

Andrea Marks has been so helpful, organized and empathetic when working with me. And such a great cheerleader! Which is what I needed. If you… Read more “Madeleine Zenger”

Amberlee Waters

Andrea was amazing to work with! She’s the best real estate agent in Utah. She’s friendly, a hard worker, communicates well, speaks Spanish, and is… Read more “Amberlee Waters”

Annaleah Larson

I can’t recommend Andrea Marks, Utah realtor with the Stern team, highly enough! She is extraordinarily personable and an excellent negotiator. So fun to work… Read more “Annaleah Larson”

Athena Adair

Andrea Marks is top notch! She is a caring realtor who has your best interest at hand. She is also bilingual with English and… Read more “Athena Adair”

Patricia Zenger

Andrea Marks is a hard-working,  knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate agent here in Utah. She is the one who introduced me to the Stern Team.… Read more “Patricia Zenger”


Andrea Marks is awesome! Finding a good home at a decent price in Utah is SO difficult, but she did it! She listened to what… Read more “Kamai”

Cyle Adair

Andrea Marks is the best Utah real estate agent! (And no she isn’t paying me to say this.) She knows her stuff and I personally… Read more “Cyle Adair”

Heidi Hill (HeidijFit)

Andrea Marks is AMAZING!! If you are here in Utah, ask for her! She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly… Read more “Heidi Hill (HeidijFit)”

Anne Pearson

Andrea Marks is so great! She is a fantastic listener, tuned into what is happening in the real estate industry and will work to find… Read more “Anne Pearson”


Andrea Marks from The Stern Team in Utah was the best real estate agent we had worked with. She took the time to know our… Read more “Vasquez”

Elisabeth Zenger

Andrea Marks is amazing. Her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise in the real estate industry make her a joy to work with. She responds quickly, listens… Read more “Elisabeth Zenger”

Annie Fischer

Andrea (Andi) Marks is such a pleasant, honest, and reliable person. She is a real estate agent serving in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.… Read more “Annie Fischer”

Madeline Christensen

I definitely recommend Andrea Marks! Utah real estate can be complicated, but Andi made the process so easy. She is so helpful, knowledgeable, and always… Read more “Madeline Christensen”

Lee Turner

Andrea Marks is a detailed, trustworthy, and outgoing person! She is knowledgeable about Utah real estate and always willing to go the extra mile. All… Read more “Lee Turner”

Jessica Jenson

5/5 stars for Andrea Marks with the Stern Team! Andrea is the best to work with when it comes to Utah real estate and goes… Read more “Jessica Jenson”

Gabby Marks

Andrea is very professional and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Plus she is so much fun to be… Read more “Gabby Marks”

Katie Harley

Andrea Marks is wonderful to work with! She is extremely helpful and dedicated. She does whatever she can to provide the best service and be… Read more “Katie Harley”

Eliza Zenger

Andrea Marks is someone you can count on to work hard and get the job done! Plus she speaks Spanish and is truly passionate about… Read more “Eliza Zenger”

Evan Card

I’ve worked with a lot of agents (residential and commercial) and Andi Marks is one of the best in Utah. I was pleasantly surprised to… Read more “Evan Card”

Brandie Carlile

I can’t say anything about anyone else here but Andrea Marks is the best of the best! You won’t regret working with her. She handled… Read more “Brandie Carlile”

Jenny Chang

Andrea is such a great person to work with! Incredible interpersonal skills, communication, multilingual (Spanish and English), and makes finding a home a wonderful experience!… Read more “Jenny Chang”

Katie Orton

I worked with Andrea on a transaction and her professionalism and attention to detail were truly commendable. Her clear communication and efficient response time made… Read more “Katie Orton”

Taylor Crawford

Sofia and Andrea made our first time buying a house stress free and seamless! They handled all matters promptly and professionally. Highly recommend The Stern… Read more “Taylor Crawford”

Katherine Orgill Palmer

Highly recommend Andrea Marks with the Stern Team! She works around the clock to find homes for her clients and was available to help with… Read more “Katherine Orgill Palmer”

Tyler Westphal

As a videographer, I’ve had the opportunity of working with Andrea on multiple occasions. You can tell that Andrea isn’t just a real estate agent;… Read more “Tyler Westphal”

Clarissa Thomas

5+ stars for Andrea Marks!! Prompt, detail oriented, communicative, positive, honest, and a delight to work with. She makes the overwhelming and unfamiliar task of… Read more “Clarissa Thomas”

Josh Stewart

Andrea Marks is such a great real estate agent! She was so helpful looking into mountain real estate in Utah for me. I was also… Read more “Josh Stewart”

Colton Sosa

Fantastic company. Worked with Andrea Marks, she is the nicest, most easy going Utah real estate agent. Would highly recommend her to any one else… Read more “Colton Sosa”

Brianne Peterson

This team knows best when it comes to homes! Andrea Marks made home buying easy! So much knowledge about the surrounding area really made us… Read more “Brianne Peterson”

Andy Johnson

Andrea went above and beyond from Team Stern to find the perfect house for us. She made sure she knew exactly what we wanted and… Read more “Andy Johnson”


Andrea Marks is an incredible human! She loves people and she’s dedicated to her clients!! She will negotiate and have your back the whole transaction.… Read more “KRISTI OTTLEY”

Nic DeSeelhorst

Andrea Marks, a prominent real estate agent in Utah, has consistently proven her expertise in the local property market. Her in-depth knowledge of Utah’s diverse… Read more “Nic DeSeelhorst”

Patricia Zenger

Andrea Marks is a hard-working,  knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate agent here in Utah. She is the one who introduced me to the Stern Team.… Read more “Patricia Zenger”

AnneMarie Jenkins

Andrea Marks is such a blessing to Utah and real estate! She’s the best— detail oriented, personable, and great at what she does! 10/10… Read more “AnneMarie Jenkins”

David C

I’ve worked with Andrea Marks for several years. I have full confidence to tackle any challenges and look out for the interest of her real… Read more “David C”

Tom Killian

Andrea is without a doubt the hardest working and knowledgeable Stern Team member. Her commitment and follow through are not only shown in the real… Read more “Tom Killian”

Andrea Erickson

From one Andrea to another, I highly recommend working with Andrea Marks to buy and sell real estate in Utah! She is easy to communicate… Read more “Andrea Erickson”

David Anderson

Andrea is awesome. She is dependable, engaging and really loves her customers. And her customers become dear friends. I trust her and I like… Read more “David Anderson”

Warren McCarthy

Andrea Marks is an absolutely stellar Utah real estate agent! She is well experienced in the trade and also so well in tune with the… Read more “Warren McCarthy”

Landon Ashworth

Working with Andrea was a pleasure. She made the entire experience seem smooth and streamlined. She was professional throughout the process. If there was ever… Read more “Landon Ashworth”

Camille Hill

Andrea Marks is such an amazing real estate agent here in Utah. She has so much knowledge about the Utah market and if she doesn’t… Read more “Camille Hill”

Rianon Jaeger

If you’re looking for an agent who goes above and beyond and has your best interest in mind, I highly recommend Andrea Marks. She is… Read more “Rianon Jaeger”

Ralph Nelson

Andrea Marks always answers her phone. She is professional, courteous and just a down to earth great person. Highly recommend… Read more “Ralph Nelson”

Edyn Johnson

I love interacting and working with Andrea. She cares about her clients and she wants them to have the best experience possible. It’s always nice… Read more “Edyn Johnson”

Danielle Jarvis

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Marks on one of her real estate transactions. She did a great job at negotiating an assumption… Read more “Danielle Jarvis”

Carl Lehtola

Andrea made my first time home buying experience nothing short of magical! From the research, linking me with a lender, and closing, she provided everything… Read more “Carl Lehtola”

Quinn Richins

Andrea was amazing to work with! Andrea and I worked with our mutual client to help him purchase his first home! She was involved all… Read more “Quinn Richins”

Spencer Bulkley

Andrea & Mandi did great throughout the entire process and answered all the questions we had as first time home… Read more “Spencer Bulkley”

Raffaella Palmisano

Best-in-class! Andrea has provided me with the best service I would ever imagine a realtor could provide. As a first-time home buyer in the US,… Read more “Raffaella Palmisano”

Jordan Poulsen

I just worked with Andrea Marks and had a great experience!! I highly recommend working with… Read more “Jordan Poulsen”

Jay Roberts

Molly and I worked with Andrea Marks and she was awesome as well as the whole Stern Team. Amy, Mandi and a host of others.… Read more “Jay Roberts”

Shreeti Adhikari

Our experience with Andrea Marks at the Stern Team was beyond amazing! As first time home buyers, from the moment we connected with Andrea, we… Read more “Shreeti Adhikari”