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Ali Adams

I have been in real estate in some capacity since Graduating from the University of Utah in 2001. I started my role as a Buyer Specialist with the Stern Team in November 2019 and I am so grateful to be a part of such a dynamic group of people that are excelling at such a high level in the industry. My favorite part of my job is helping my clients reach their real estate goals and providing them with a five-star experience along the way. I truly care about the needs of my clients first and foremost, and I am so blessed with the relationships I have made. I am communicative, honest, loyal, and easy to work with.

I am a single mother to two teenagers and two dogs and they keep me pretty busy outside of work. I also try and make time to see friends and family, go to concerts, golf, stay active, get outside, and of course, relax when I can.

Danny Hall

When my family decided to buy a home, it was a seller’s market. Very few homes listed and sellers were receiving bids well over the… Read more “Danny Hall”

Stephanie Franz

Allie and Kammie have been awesome to deal with. They have been really helpful with finding a home for we really want. Thanks for all… Read more “Stephanie Franz”

Richard Franz

Ali and Kammie are great to work with. They responded fast and where helpful when trying to find what we were looking… Read more “Richard Franz”

Amanda Knorr

Ali Adams is super friendly and helpful! I think she is such a fun person and can be a great value to anyone looking to… Read more “Amanda Knorr”

Jesi Anae

Ali is amazing! She responds timely and is always so… Read more “Jesi Anae”

Bruce Torson

Aside from being very friendly and easy to talk too, Ali is extremely knowledgeable in her field! I feel like she puts clients first. Thanks… Read more “Bruce Torson”

Nikolas Bylsma

Ali Adams was very professional, helpful and… Read more “Nikolas Bylsma”

Jack Durrant

Ali is honest, trusting, knowledgeable, and great with… Read more “Jack Durrant”

Ryan Owen

Ali is friendly and hard working and I know her clients come first. She’s been in the industry a long time and will take great… Read more “Ryan Owen”

Gregory Palach

Ali Adams is someone that I would recommend to help anyone with Real Estate. She works hard, is knowledgeable, and takes care of her… Read more “Gregory Palach”

Van Guard

Ali was very helpful when buying our condo.… Read more “Van Guard”

Clay Wells

We had the dream team at Stern! We worked with Ali, Kammie & Stephanie. We knew from our first interaction that we were going to… Read more “Clay Wells”

Lauren Tole

Ali is amazing! She always goes above and beyond for her clients, thank you… Read more “Lauren Tole”

Andrew Britton

Ali Adam’s was the best! Super responsive and knowledgeable on the area. She is the go to… Read more “Andrew Britton”

Marco Media

We have worked with Ali Adams for almost a year now. She is absolutely amazing! She is professional, hard working, very responsive, and always willing… Read more “Marco Media”

Jake Jeppeson

We can’t say enough good things about Ali Adams! She is knowledgeable, has great negotiating skills, and is pleasant to work… Read more “Jake Jeppeson”

Ashlee Graham

I Highly recommend The Stern Team, especially Ali Adams. She was fantastic, thorough and went above and beyond to help me find the perfect… Read more “Ashlee Graham”

Clay Johansson

Ali is amazing at helping buyer’s find the right home for them! In such a wild market it’s nice to know there’s someone out there… Read more “Clay Johansson”

Amy Osborn

Ali is always ready and willing to help us whenever a house pops up we want to look at. She will change plans, do whatever… Read more “Amy Osborn”

Greg Owen

Ali is very knowledgeable about the market and looking at comps in the area she understands financing needs. She’s wonderful to work… Read more “Greg Owen”

Amy Castillo

Ali Adams is fantastic! Hard working, responsive, and she puts her clients… Read more “Amy Castillo”

Andrew Stewart

I had the pleasure of working with agent Ali Adams. She is a talented buyer’s agent. She was knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.… Read more “Andrew Stewart”

Marina Parker

We had the best experience finding a home with Ali 😍 she was so flexible with our schedule, so patient with us bringing our two… Read more “Marina Parker”

Garrett Parker

Ali Adams was fantastic to work with. She was attentive, understanding and very patient. We were lucky to work with… Read more “Garrett Parker”

Amy Shumway

Ali is a hard worker. She will do anything to help her clients find the right home. She listens to her clients and provides homes… Read more “Amy Shumway”

Cindy Boyer

Ali is an amazing agent! She puts in a lot of hours for her clients and I appreciate her patience and her experienced & honest… Read more “Cindy Boyer”

Brian Nguyen

Ali Adams and Kammie Kreitlow were fantastic to work with! Being a first time homebuyer was stressful enough, but with Ali and Kammie’s help they… Read more “Brian Nguyen”

Sarah Coldiron

Ali Adams and Kammie Kreitlow are such a fabulous team to work with! They’re so helpful and always respond very quickly. They’re very personable and… Read more “Sarah Coldiron”

Ydelba Cedeño

We work with Ali, she is the best, super kind and she wants the best for… Read more “Ydelba Cedeño”

Levi Hollis

Working with Ali and Joshua was nothing short of amazing! They were very prompt with all of our questions and did an amazing job with… Read more “Levi Hollis”

Francis Marges

Ali and her team were awesome to work with. Madi was awesome at getting showings scheduled for us. Ali knew exactly how to write our… Read more “Francis Marges”

Paul Schumann

I had a great experience working with Ali at the Stern Team, and I would recommend working with one of the agents for a easy… Read more “Paul Schumann”

Danny Hall

When my family decided to buy a home, it was a seller’s market. Very few homes listed and sellers were receiving bids well over the… Read more “Danny Hall”

Victoria Hall

Ali Adams at the Stern Team went above and beyond to get us our home in an INSANE market. I have heard horror stories about… Read more “Victoria Hall”

Stacy Granberg

I spoke with Ali Adams today. She is very professional and responsive. I would be more than happy to recommend her for your real estate… Read more “Stacy Granberg”

Joni Chipping

Finding the right agent is important. Ali Adam’s fits all those categories. She has a lot of experience in the industry, she is very professional,… Read more “Joni Chipping”

Chelsa Adamson

I’ve known Ali Adams for over 20 years. She is great to work with and super knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone looking to… Read more “Chelsa Adamson”

Jeff Graham

Ali Adam’s is a terrific agent. I trust her and enjoy her wonderful… Read more “Jeff Graham”

Cobilynn Rogers

Ali Adams made selling my home a piece of cake! The photos that were taken were brilliant. Ali is thorough with details and explaining every… Read more “Cobilynn Rogers”

Desiree Clark

Ali Adams was amazing to work with . She was available any time we needed her . Dealt with everything we wanted and needed her… Read more “Desiree Clark”

Lynsey Jeppeson

Ali Adams with the Stern Team was great to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and… Read more “Lynsey Jeppeson”

Jeanne Owen

Ali Adams with the Stern Team is awesome! She is experienced and professional and honest. Definitely will take care of your real estate needs in… Read more “Jeanne Owen”

Eric Bullock

We recently purchased our first house with the help of Ali Adams. Overall had a fantastic experience! We were really overwhelmed at first but Ali… Read more “Eric Bullock”

Christian Martinez

Ali Adams with the Stern team was amazing and helpful throughout the home purchasing process. She was available at any hour and came to all… Read more “Christian Martinez”

Kris Reed

Ali, Mandi and team helped us buy our first home. Always available and informative. Had all the answers we needed. Thank you for a great… Read more “Kris Reed”

Kaitlyn Hirschi

My fiancée and I have been working with Ali and Mandi from the stern team for a few months now and they have been nothing… Read more “Kaitlyn Hirschi”

Allan Clark

Selling a house during a pandemic was a hard decision but with the help of Ken Montague our realtor it was such an easy process.… Read more “Allan Clark”

Derek Hampton

When we moved to Utah, Ali was our agent. Her and her entire team fought for us to find the right house from beginning to… Read more “Derek Hampton”

Trader 101

Always on point, very helpful team, they know what the right decision is. Ali is great to work with, always there when you need her.… Read more “Trader 101”

Megan DeMory

Ali was AMAZING to work… Read more “Megan DeMory”

Jeff Graham

Ali Adam’s is a terrific agent. I trust her and enjoy her wonderful… Read more “Jeff Graham”

Ashlee Graham

I Highly recommend The Stern Team, especially Ali Adams. She was fantastic, thorough and went above and beyond to help me find the perfect… Read more “Ashlee Graham”

Katrina Dold

Ali and Kammie have been so great helping us find our perfect home and answering all our many… Read more “Katrina Dold”

Russell Daley

I approached the Stern Team based on the recommendation from Real Estate Agents I Trust, because I needed to find a place. I was definitely… Read more “Russell Daley”

Natalie Nguyen

Ali and Kammie were wonderful to work with! They were both very supportive and attentive throughout our journey. As first time homebuyers, Ali was patient… Read more “Natalie Nguyen”

Janet Clark

I had a fabulous experience with the Stem team! Ali is the best, she brought many experts in their field together to give me outstanding… Read more “Janet Clark”

Jasmine Lopez

Ali was an amazing realtor! Ali made the ins’ and outs of being a first time home buyer easy to understand. Ali and Kammie were… Read more “Jasmine Lopez”

Alex Maxwell

Ali Adams is fantastic! She is responsive, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful. She has done a great job coordinating and communicating with all parties involved… Read more “Alex Maxwell”


Ali, Kammie and the rest of the crew were simply awesome. They made our experience pleasant even when we were freaking out about things mostly… Read more “Dana”

Kevin Carpenter

Ali and Jess on The Stern Team are amazing to work with! Very professional and knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They represented the Buyer… Read more “Kevin Carpenter”

Ana Harding

Ali and her team helped me through a very hard transition in my life, and worked with me through my entire selling process. They made… Read more “Ana Harding”

Graden Ostler

I represented a seller in woods cross. I worked with Ali and Jess. They were very professional. They worked hard to get the deal done.… Read more “Graden Ostler”

Mari Takeshita

I’m a Realtor I’m Denver, Colorado. My client moved to Utah and was interested in purchasing a property. She asked me if I could recommend… Read more “Mari Takeshita”

Bologna Fungi

Worked with Allie and the Stern team and they were great to work with, She made the process smooth, quick and easy for us, we… Read more “Bologna Fungi”

Kelly Thompson

Ali Adams works harder and smarter than any agent I’ve ever worked with. Her whole team is fantastic. Best real estate experience I’ve… Read more “Kelly Thompson”

Darius “D” Jimerson

We are looking for the perfect location and Ali and the Stern Team have been very patient and have worked hard to find us our… Read more “Darius “D” Jimerson”

Lynsey Jeppeson

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Ali Adams with the Stern Team was great to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and… Read more “Lynsey Jeppeson”

Lynsey Jeppeson

Ali Adams with the Stern Team was great to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and… Read more “Lynsey Jeppeson”

JJ’s Fix

Ali , Kammie, and Mandi were fantastic they were efficient honest and dedicated to helping us find our first home! 110% would recommend and use… Read more “JJ’s Fix”

Jon Ahlquist

Ali and Kammie were exceptional throughout the entire process. Ali made herself available whenever I had questions or concerns, and took time to provide educated… Read more “Jon Ahlquist”

Lisa Jungemann

Ali was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. She answered in a timely manner and helped with a situation completely out of both… Read more “Lisa Jungemann”

Clay Chorn

Working with Ali has been great. We are probably being a little more picky than most but she takes it in… Read more “Clay Chorn”

Jaime Christensen

We had a great time working with Aly at the Stern Team and they continue to stay really involved and I always feel like there… Read more “Jaime Christensen”

Andrea Fernandez

Ali was very kind and helpful and we are very happy starting our new lives in our new house. It’s the perfect house for our… Read more “Andrea Fernandez”

Mallory DiazVela

Ali and Sofie have made buying a home feel so easy and stress-free! We are first-time homebuyers and working with The Stern Team has made… Read more “Mallory DiazVela”

David Gonzalez

I was pretty nervous when starting out my home buying journey since it was my first time buying a house, but Mandi and Ali of… Read more “David Gonzalez”

Adam Rich

Ali Adams has blown me away with her real estate know-how and understanding of Utah markets. She’s a true professional (which is rare) and she’s… Read more “Adam Rich”