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Arlene Purdy

Kailin is one of the most friendly and honest person. She is very insightful and helpful in finding a home.

Cayla Vidmar

Kailin Potter is such an amazing agent to work with. Her positive energy is such a joy and I’d highly recommend her!!

Sondra Potter

Kailin is very responsive and quick on getting me my answers. She is hard working, cheerful and friendly. Very easy to work with, she loves what she is doing. Highly motivated to help.

Emily Salzman

Kailin is the best! She is so kind; it’s clear that she cares about the people she’s helping.

Samuel Hughes

Kailin is amazing! She is very responsive, positive, and makes the showing process fun!

Bart Potter

A very professional team. Kailin is a great agent with whom to work. She is motivated and very positive in her efforts to successfully support her clients. Keep up the good work!

Robby Ballard

Kailin is professional and very in tune to your needs. She is a hard working individual. She is a total pleasure to work with.

Kelsey Potter

Kailin is a very warm and personable person. She goes above and beyond to help in anyway that she can.

Madeline Gronset

Kailin Potter is an absolutely wonderful person! She cares so much and I would suggest everyone to work with her!

Jacob Guy

Great job! Kailin is quick to respond and always has a smile on her face. Appreciate the help!!

Margaret Hamann-Mickelson

Cammie and Kayleigh were wonderful, patient, and so very helpful. Wonderful ladies. Thank you so much!