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When is the Right Time to Contact Your Realtor?

Selling a home can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared and don’t know when to call your real estate agent. Knowing when to contact your realtor can make all the difference in getting your home sold quickly, efficiently, and for the best price possible. Let’s look at the different scenarios for when you should reach out to your realtor.

12 Weeks Before Your Deadline
If you are selling your home and buying at the same time, feel overwhelmed with the home preparation or selling process, need to complete home renovations or updates, or have a flexible selling timeline, it is best to reach out to your realtor 12 weeks prior to your deadline. This will give them enough time to help you get everything in order before you list your property on the market. This includes getting estimates from any contractors needed for renovations, creating a budget for any necessary repairs, and finding an appropriate buyer’s agent if you are also planning on buying another property.

6-8 Weeks Before Your Deadline
If there is only minor maintenance that needs addressing (such as fixing an air conditioner or replacing light fixtures), if you feel comfortable about the selling process, or if you have already started decluttering your house prior to listing it on the market, then contact your realtor 6-8 weeks before your deadline should suffice. During this period of time, they will obtain a comparative market analysis (CMA) of homes recently sold in that area so they can set an accurate list price for yours; they will also make sure all of the paperwork is filled out correctly and ready for submission once it goes onto the market; and they will work with you on preparing some other helpful marketing materials such as photos and videos that may help draw more attention towards it.

1-4 Weeks Before Your Deadline
If you find yourself in a rush due to changing market conditions or need only minor cleaning beforehand, then calling up your real estate agent 1-4 weeks prior to when you need to move out should be sufficient. During this time frame, they will do their best to help stage it properly by removing clutter from each room; setting up furniture so that it looks inviting; making sure each room is adequately cleaned; and ensuring that any minor repairs are taken care of so that nothing deters potential buyers from wanting it during open houses/showings.

Making sure that everything is taken care of before listing it on the market can increase its chance of being bought quickly – which is why knowing when exactly to call up a real estate agent is key! Whether you are looking at 12 weeks prior due to needing renovations to be done or only 1 week because of impending changes in market conditions – reaching out early allows them enough time do their part in helping get it ready while giving yourself peace of mind knowing that everything has been done correctly so far! That way, once it hits the market -it should sell swiftly!