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Salt Lake City Home Curb Appeal Projects

Navigating the Salt Lake City real estate market? The Stern Team debunks common home-buying myths in Utah real estate!

Myth 1: A 20% down payment is a must.

Fact: Down payments can be as low as 3%, opening doors to homeownership. Consult our mortgage calculator for personalized insights.

Myth 2: Waiting for lower prices is wise.

Fact: Delaying has risks. Home prices are unpredictable, and waiting may lead to increased rent. Secure your home despite market fluctuations.

Myth 3: You must meet the seller’s asking price.

Fact: Prices are negotiable. Consult your agent, analyze “comps,” and formulate a competitive offer aligned with your budget.

Myth 4: Fall and winter are unfavorable for buying.

Fact: These seasons offer advantages. Don’t be bound by the “spring rush”; explore homes year-round.

Myth 5: Fixer-uppers guarantee savings.

Fact: Hidden issues can be costly. Seek repair quotes and assess if a fixer-upper aligns with your budget and commitment level.

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