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Elizabeth Brough

I am a Transaction Coordinator for the Stern Team, I work hard on the back end to make sure things run as smoothly as possible throughout your transaction! I’m here every step of the way so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Monica Crain

The Stern Team, Ken Montague and Elizabeth Bough in particular, did a fabulous job for me selling my house for a great price in record… Read more “Monica Crain”

Heather Steele Mendoza

We interviewed quite a few of the top performing real estate teams in the SLC/Draper area before deciding to use The Stern Team – we… Read more “Heather Steele Mendoza”

Steven Underwood

Ken, Mandi, Elizabeth and Amy were all amazing through the home buying process. We started working with Ken back in February, and were so excited… Read more “Steven Underwood”

Tyler Burst

Elizabeth has been a pleasure to work with and is allways ready to help with my… Read more “Tyler Burst”

Sandra Innes

Elizabeth Brough is very informative and professional. She also has a very friendly and down to earth personality. She is very helpful. She knows the… Read more “Sandra Innes”

Lauren Daniels

Elizabeth is so professional! She’s always available to answer questions and listen to… Read more “Lauren Daniels”

Chris Bingham

Elizabeth is a great at what she does. Very… Read more “Chris Bingham”

Kaitlyn N

Liz is very personable, attentive, and reliable. She’s… Read more “Kaitlyn N”

Adison Griffith

Elizabeth Brough is such a delight to work with! I’m continually impressed by how helpful and friendly she is!… Read more “Adison Griffith”

Lynette Rosenbach

The Stern Team is amazing! From start to finish I was well informed through my whole buying process. Elizabeth Brough was an integral part of… Read more “Lynette Rosenbach”

Delaney Armijo

I love working with the Stern Team, and Elizabeth Brough is so wonderful and knowledgeable throughout every… Read more “Delaney Armijo”

Camille Dickerson

The Stern team is amazing in general! They have their systems dialed in and have the best customer service! Elizabeth Brough is certainly one of… Read more “Camille Dickerson”

Grant Brough

Elizabeth does an amazing… Read more “Grant Brough”

Derek Nichols

Elizabeth Brough does a great… Read more “Derek Nichols”

Cynthia Westfall

I have been working with the Stern Team for over the past 5 years now. They are always striving to ensure that their clients and… Read more “Cynthia Westfall”

Jacqueline Schneiber

Elizabeth was so helpful when asking questions about the… Read more “Jacqueline Schneiber”

Jake Cratty

Our home was posted well across the internet and we had interest and offers within 1.5 hours of going live. The Stern Team did a… Read more “Jake Cratty”

Jodie Z

Jeremy and Elizabeth was amazing and everybody he recommended were… Read more “Jodie Z”

John Zdunich

Jeremy and Elizabeth are amazing! Everybody that Jeremy recommended was very helpful and… Read more “John Zdunich”

Carratty Kid

Ken & Elizabeth made the whole process so easy from start to finish. Thanks to their marketing skills & extensive contacts, we had a huge… Read more “Carratty Kid”

Laura R

Working with the Stern Team is always a pleasure! Very professional, they are expert’s in the real estate market. Elizabeth is great, she is so… Read more “Laura R”

Tony Trego

We had to sell our home in Utah totally from a distance of over 2000 miles. Jeremy Martin and Elizabeth made sure we were in… Read more “Tony Trego”

Lori Pettit

Elizabeth, the transaction coordinator, is super friendly, efficient,and knowledgeable about the real estate selling and buying process. She’s quick to respond to questions. She can… Read more “Lori Pettit”

Erika Bloxham

Elizabeth is amazing! She is very thorough, easy to talk to, and gives everything… Read more “Erika Bloxham”

Monica Crain

The Stern Team, Ken Montague and Elizabeth Bough in particular, did a fabulous job for me selling my house for a great price in record… Read more “Monica Crain”

Heather Mendoza

We interviewed quite a few real estate teams in the SLC/Draper area before deciding to use The Stern Team – we have pretty high expectations… Read more “Heather Mendoza”

Allan Clark

Selling a house during a pandemic was a hard decision but with the help of Ken Montague our realtor it was such an easy process.… Read more “Allan Clark”

Beatrice Dwonch

I would love to let people know that my experience With the Stern Real Estate Team was very good. I had an awesome agent Emily… Read more “Beatrice Dwonch”

C Vtine

After deciding to sell my house, I contacted Dave Marrott and Josh to take on the job. They came in with realistic expectations on what… Read more “C Vtine”

Pat Brown

When we decided to sell our home, we interviewed agents from three top rated, national agencies. Two of those agents let us know that we… Read more “Pat Brown”

Kristine Graff

We had a wonderful team, with a fabulous marketing plan and constant updates. The house belonged to my parents, and it takes a good deal… Read more “Kristine Graff”

Tim Downey

Elizabeth Brough with the Stern team is amazing! She has always been very helpful! Everyone there is always very helpful, they do a great job… Read more “Tim Downey”

Robbie Butterfield

Great staff to work with like Elizabeth… Read more “Robbie Butterfield”

Lindsey Berg

Jeremy and Elizabeth rock. Our house was unique to sell as it was horse property. They kept us on course throughout the process. Jeremy was… Read more “Lindsey Berg”

Brandy Bowman

Kenneth Montague is an excellent agent. He was so helpful and patient helping us sell our home of 5 generations. I couldn’t have asked for… Read more “Brandy Bowman”

Stefanie Palmquist

Marrita and The Stern Team was great to work with! Finding a home was quick and easy. Very quick responses to all my questions and… Read more “Stefanie Palmquist”

Brian Pevoroff

Ken Montage and Elizabeth Brough have been amazing. Ken has been with us through EVERY single step from sale of our home to the closing… Read more “Brian Pevoroff”

Steven Underwood

Ken, Mandi, Elizabeth and Amy were all amazing through the home buying process. We started working with Ken back in February, and were so excited… Read more “Steven Underwood”

Brock Richards

Rick & Elizabeth were great to work with. They were always keeping me informed and helped every step of the process. Thank… Read more “Brock Richards”

K Keller

Had a wonderful experience working with David Marrott and Elizabeth Brough. They understood the urgency of selling our home and did an amazing job at… Read more “K Keller”

Julia Weatherbee

David Marrott and Elizabeth Brough with The Stern Team were a breath of fresh air while working with them to sell our home. They listened… Read more “Julia Weatherbee”

D Walsh

This was our first time ever selling a home. We were blown away by the thoroughly professional way Ken Montague and Elizabeth Brough handled our… Read more “D Walsh”

Steven Underwood

Ken, Mandi, Elizabeth and Amy were all amazing through the home buying process. We started working with Ken back in February, and were so excited… Read more “Steven Underwood”

Matthew Robinson

I love this team! They have helped me sell several homes, all of which sold over asking price. Ken Montague helped me simplify the offers… Read more “Matthew Robinson”

Carrie Joles

I want to give a big shout out to Ken and Elizabeth who helped us through the process of selling the family home. They were… Read more “Carrie Joles”

Thomas Boynton

We just finished both selling our home and buying a new home all thanks to the AMAZING work of Stephanie Grable as our realtor. The… Read more “Thomas Boynton”

Joel Frost

Stephanie and Liz made our translation. There was a point where I thought it would fall apart, but Stephanie kept it together. I owe her… Read more “Joel Frost”

Carol Beckstead

Lee Stern and her Transaction Coordinator, Elizabeth (at Keller Williams), did a phenomenal job of selling my home. Along with their exceptional communication skills, both… Read more “Carol Beckstead”

Alan Conner

My wife and I decided to sell our home and follow our dreams. We worked with Ken Montague and Elizabeth Brough of the The Stern… Read more “Alan Conner”

Brianna Chambers

We have absolutely loved working with Stephanie and Elizabeth on the Stern team to sell our house. They are fantastic! Super on top of all… Read more “Brianna Chambers”

Ana Harding

Ali and her team helped me through a very hard transition in my life, and worked with me through my entire selling process. They made… Read more “Ana Harding”

Jon Gordon

Stephanie is attentive and provides a full suite of services. Her team strives for a great experience, which I… Read more “Jon Gordon”

Ciria Knighton

Stephanie Grable was exactly who we needed to sell our home. She was quick, efficient and precise. We couldn’t have asked for better representation. She… Read more “Ciria Knighton”

Cristylyn Garcia

From agent to agent- Jeremy Martin was very professional to work with and he went above and beyond to make all those involved happy and… Read more “Cristylyn Garcia”

joe tree

Got us into a house quick and… Read more “joe tree”

Alyssa Downs

Stephanie Grable and the Stern Team were great to work with. We put our house on the market right before the market slowed. It was… Read more “Alyssa Downs”

Virginia Kearney

Stephanie and Elizabeth was wonderful to work with they was on top of their game helping us sale our moms home. I would highly recommend… Read more “Virginia Kearney”

Nancy Blum CRS

Worked with Stephanie Grable and her assistant Elizabeth Brough to close a purchase on one of their condo properties. Everything went smoothly. It’s great to… Read more “Nancy Blum CRS”

Tori Traynham

Thank goodness for Jeremy and Elizabeth! My close friend recently moved out to Utah with her fiancé. As an agent in Virginia, I had to… Read more “Tori Traynham”

Bill Johnson

The Stern Team is amazing. Elizabeth Brough is a phenomenal agent and takes great care of her… Read more “Bill Johnson”

Jenny Rose

Elizabeth Brought is amazing to work with! Always… Read more “Jenny Rose”

Kenyatta Green

Elizabeth works hard for her clients. She puts them first. She maintains professional throughout the transaction with follow through and constant communication. I’ve enjoyed my… Read more “Kenyatta Green”

Brandon McBride

I had a great experience with the Stern Team. I worked with both Stephanie and Elizabeth and they were so great! What I enjoyed about… Read more “Brandon McBride”

Julie Williams

I am currently working with this team & I have had a Great experience so far! I recommend… Read more “Julie Williams”

Bo Lowry

Michael and Elizabeth were wonderful to work with. They were easy to communicate with and worked hard to get to the closing table quickly. Looking… Read more “Bo Lowry”

Steven Meek

The team is very professional and organized. This was the best experience we have had with a Real Estate… Read more “Steven Meek”

Jacob Pettit

Elizabeth is great to work with. She has done a lot of work in the Salt Lake area and is very… Read more “Jacob Pettit”

Kaitlyn Nichols

Elizabeth was SO helpful, she was available to answer my questions whenever they came up, and she helped me find solutions to some tricky financing… Read more “Kaitlyn Nichols”

Nicole Smith

Elizabeth is the best person to work with and is so quick to respond! She knows so much about the real estate in… Read more “Nicole Smith”