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Why Sell With Us

The Stern Team offers many options when it comes to selling your home. Read below for more information on our many programs designed to cater to your specific situation.

Safe Seller Program

We care about the health and well being of our clients! The Stern Team offers a Safe Seller program designed to keep our clients safe while still getting the very best price for their home!

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Cash Offer Program

Would you like an offer on your home? You can skip the headaches and hassles of selling traditionally. There’s a record amount of capital looking for a place to rest. Companies are ready to make a very competitive offer on your home. You get convenience and speed in return.

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Guaranteed Sale Program

The average agent spent just $5k. More marketing, more buyers. Quicker access to more buyers means your home sells for more money, in less time. We have a registered buyer database of more than 28,000 – we’re sure at least one would be a fit for your home. Our guaranteed sold program, flexible commission structure and day-to-day contracts provide more options to make sure your home selling goals are met.

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