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Sofia VanSingle

Meet Sofia VanSingel, a vibrant real estate agent with a heart full of passion for helping people navigate the sometimes daunting world of real estate. Her journey in the industry began when she made a life-changing move from Michigan to Utah. This experience ignited a spark in her to assist as many people as possible find joy and fulfillment in their property endeavors.

When Sofia isn’t hustling in the real estate market, you’ll find her indulging in her love for the great outdoors. She’s an adventurous soul, always on the lookout for new spots to explore. Whether it’s hiking up a scenic trail, biking through lush landscapes, or paddleboarding on serene waters, Sofia is all about embracing nature’s best. So, if you’re looking for a real estate agent who blends professional know-how with an adventurous spirit, Sofia VanSingel is your go-to person!