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Rick Dalrymple

With a passion for all things real estate, I’m ready to help with your home buying and selling needs. I value hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service.

When I’m not assisting my clients with their real estate needs, my wife and I coordinate Utah’s best RockHounding trips! #RockOn

Eva M Lietz

I live in Magna and have known Rick fo r many years. I was not aware he was a realtor untila few years ago. I… Read more “Eva M Lietz”

Cutting Edge Physical Therapy

I would use Rick Dalrymple as a realtor anytime. He is extremely professional and ethical and will bend over backwards to help!

Jackie Langenecker

Rick is extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable! I will use him for my next real estate needs

Andrew Goldstein


Kristina Flores

Rick Dalrymple is awesome!!

Tyler Hill

Rick was so easy to work with. He went out of his way to make sure I had a good experience.

Laura Eliason

I would absolutely recommend Rick for your real estate needs. He has always responded very quickly (which I really appreciate) and is very knowledgeable.

Dana Losser

Rick is awesome, I look forward to having him help me with my real estate needs in the future. I will always refer Rick to… Read more “Dana Losser”

Jackie Cocilovo

Rick is very professional, courteous and personable. He has answered all my questions and we will be reaching out in the near future when we’re… Read more “Jackie Cocilovo”

Bruce innes

Rick Dalrymple is awesome. Great advice and help.

Rachel J

Rick has been great to work with and we really appreciate his attention to detail. He’s very friendly and would not hesitate to do business… Read more “Rachel J”

Janice’s This Rock Girl said; Wait,What?

Rick and Maritta were amazing. They worked very hard to find us the perfect house in Cedar City! Thank you for everything!

Becky Brown

I was to go on this trip, due to unfortunately haveing a dog ready with puppies I had to weigh my options. I have seen… Read more “Becky Brown”

Mary Jones

Thanks do much Rick Dalrymple for all of your help this past weekend! Hope you match up many people with new homes.

Robert Dalrymple

Rick is the best agent I have ever had. I am sucuba raving fan, I won’t let anyone I know use anybody but him!

Kathy Rios

Rick is an awesome Real Estate Agent. He is very knowledgeable about all of Utah.

Connie Nilsson

Rick is the real estate agent that I direct all of my referrals to. He is always quick to get you answers and always seems… Read more “Connie Nilsson”

Marc Heaps

Rick Dalrymple is awesome! I trust him and would recommend him to anyone I know that is needing a Realtor. I will be calling him… Read more “Marc Heaps”

Michelle Searle

Rick Dalrymple was great made sure everything went smoothly and kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend him and the… Read more “Michelle Searle”

Dixie Wilson

Rick Dalrymple is the best! When it comes to real estate he knows the most. Next home I sell will be with Rick and I’ll… Read more “Dixie Wilson”

Grey Christenson

Working with Rick Dalrymple is amazing! He is so on top of his transactions and is always taking the best care of his clients. Rick… Read more “Grey Christenson”

Renae Bettolo

Rick Dalrymple is very knowledgeable and has amazing customer service. He is happy to help anyone with their real estate needs and always goes the… Read more “Renae Bettolo”

Faith Cook

Rick Dalrymple helped us find our starter home in Highland. He was very professional and helped answer all of our questions even questions we didn’t… Read more “Faith Cook”

Shannon O’Brien

I spoke with Rick Dalrymple from the Stern Team. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, personable, and has a great sense of humor. I would definitely… Read more “Shannon O’Brien”

Jacqlynne Moore

I’ve talked to Rick multiple times about real estate and the real estate market. He is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about his career. Anyone… Read more “Jacqlynne Moore”

Horace Dalrymple

Rick is the man! Very professional, prompt, and overall a rockstar. That is just Rick, wait to you meet the team. They are incredible. I… Read more “Horace Dalrymple”

Natalie Johnson

I have known Rick Dalrymple for many years and know him to be straightforward, reliable and professional. I would recommend him and the Stern Team… Read more “Natalie Johnson”

Chad Johnson

Rick Dalrymple is a great Realtor to work with. He is reliable & responds to messages. We would trust Rick with any real estate transaction… Read more “Chad Johnson”

Daniel Baxter

Rick is someone you should get to know. He genuinely cares about his clients. His approach is professional and personal. I would trust him as… Read more “Daniel Baxter”

Lala B

Just wanted to leave a review about Rick. He is very professional and I look forward to working with him when I am ready to… Read more “Lala B”

David Hutchins

I’d recommend Rick Darlymple for Brigham City.

Todd Adams

I live in Riverton. Rick was very professional. He was able to give us the guidance and direction we needed. If you need a realtor… Read more “Todd Adams”

Tony Habinc

I will definitely use Rick Dalrymple as my realtor when I buy a place.

David Black

I’ve really enjoyed with Rick. He’s provided a lot of insight and history into the places I’ve been looking. I highly recommend.

Jeff Worwood

Rick Dalrymple is very helpful and friendly. He will work hard for you and bring you cookies!

Nick K.

Rick Dalrymple was one of the best realtors to deal with. Very knowledgeable and professional. Cant wait to find my dream home in the Salt… Read more “Nick K.”

Christina Person

We can’t wait to look at some Real Estate with Rick. He has been great, so responsive, professional, and really funny. He is the real… Read more “Christina Person”

Zach Knight

Rick Dalrymple at Stern Real Estate is very very knowledgeable and I’ve got him in my contacts for my upcoming home purchase. I think all… Read more “Zach Knight”

Wendy Collins

Rick is extremely professional and knowlegable – great to work with. I would highly recommend him for all of your real estate needs.

Eva Lietz

I live in Magna and have known Rick fo r many years. I was not aware he was a realtor untila few years ago. I… Read more “Eva Lietz”

Natalie Nixon

Rick is a great person to work with! Very dedicated and professional. And he goes above and beyond to help people out.

S D. Moncur

Rick was great. He was knowledgeable about his area of expertise. I will definitely refer others to him for real estate.


Rick Dalrymple is the BEST in real estate! Don’t let anyone else TOUCH your home endeavors. 😁👍

Jim Lowe

When the time comes for me to sell my house in Riverdale, Ut Rick Dalrymple will definitely be the person I will use.

Gary Galley

Rick Darymple was awesome to work with. He really knows his real estate.

Clint Goode

Rick was a pleasure to work with. Very professional. Transaction was simple and transparent from start to finish. Looking forward to the next opportunity to… Read more “Clint Goode”

Kevin Cannon

Real estate agents Rick & Maritta Dalrymple are Outstanding, Responsive and very Professional. We live in Morgan and recommend Rick & Maritta for all your… Read more “Kevin Cannon”

Ruby Duncan

Rick is helping us sell property in Manti and he goes out of his way as a realtor to help us. Give him a try

Elizabeth Hart

Zeke, Rick and Maritta have been extremely helpful in their efforts to help us explore properties in southern and northern utah. We love them

Andrea Willis

I live in Monroe and have not done business with Rick or Zeke yet but I know them and what they stand for and if… Read more “Andrea Willis”

Joan Puffer

I have loved working with Rick and Zek. Always friendly and quick to answer any questions I have.

Jasun Edwards

Zeke, and Rick are great guys. Looking forward to doing some business with them in the future!

Nikkol Hawks

Rick and Zeke are amazing to work with. Easy to understand, very helpful in guiding people in the right direction.I enjoy the time I have… Read more “Nikkol Hawks”

Bruce Nielsen

Rick Dalrymple

Eric Megraw

Rick provides a great service

Mrs Joan Puffer

I have loved working with Rick as I have figured out my options for selling my home.He has been very quick to answer my questions… Read more “Mrs Joan Puffer”

Chris-Mindy Blackburn

Even with the crazy real estate, this process was surprisingly easy thanks to the Stern Team. Rick was our realtor and Amy from Intercap did… Read more “Chris-Mindy Blackburn”

Daniel Clyne

Rick and the Stern team did everything they said they were going to do. It was a great experience! I highly recommend this them.

Rebecca Riedler

Rick is the guy you want for your Real Estate needs! Not only does he know Utah inside and out, but he knows the best… Read more “Rebecca Riedler”

Laurie Spinks-Loevy

Rick Dalrymple: Knowledgeable, friendly, organized, generous, adventurous. Good Human=Good Realtor.

Michael Campbell

Rick Dalrymple is great to work with. Very personable and responsive to your concerns.

T Cooper

I have had a few different interactions with Rick Dalrymple and each one has been very positive. He treats everyone involved with respect and kindness.… Read more “T Cooper”

Taylor Thurgood

Rick is such a great guy and so helpful. I would trust him with all my real estate needs in Provo Utah

Brandy Foy

Rick and the rest of the team are professional and fun. I would work with them.

Rosendo Barrera

Rick and Marita Dalrymple is awesome to work with. We have been looking for some property and they are always sending us new listing and… Read more “Rosendo Barrera”

Harry Benis

Rick and Maritta, my personal real estate agents , super knowledgeable, super friendly, they know the business, some of the best rockhound guides there are,… Read more “Harry Benis”

Bruce Copeland

Rick is highly experienced with the entire real estate process. I would definitely contact him if you are looking to buy or sell in the… Read more “Bruce Copeland”

Warren Pettey

Kudos to Rick, who we found to be patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He helped us find a real gem last year! Would recommend him to… Read more “Warren Pettey”

Brian Grieashamer

Rick is very professional and always quick to answer questions. I will definitely use him next time I need help with real estate.

Norm Higgs

My experience with both Rick and Zeke have been nothing short of fantastic. Both have a great enthusiasm for life and strive to let others… Read more “Norm Higgs”

William “William Crase” Crase

Rick is incredible! You can’t go wrong with him on your side.

Ron Garza

As first-time home buyers in a chaotic market, we have been extremely nervous about finding and securing our first proper home. Rick Dalrymple has been… Read more “Ron Garza”

Jennifer Berry

Rick was great to work and deal with. He had quick response time and very knowledgeable. I appreciated his time and professional efforts. If in… Read more “Jennifer Berry”

Sarinda Holley

I would like to take a moment to show my appreciation to Rick Dalrymple, Maritta Dalrymple and Zeke Dalrymple for being some of the most… Read more “Sarinda Holley”

Frank Krogman

Rick, and Maritta & Zeke , Are so Professional and and so easy to talk to about all aspects of Real Estate , they have… Read more “Frank Krogman”

Stoddard Rocks

I always call Rick when I need property. He is gracious and knowledgeable and gets things done!

Janica Wright

Rick has been very good to work with. He and his real estate team are genuine professionals.

Bear Putnam

Rick Dalrymple is the first person I think of when it comes to real estate.


We were lucky enough to find Rick Dalrymple for our home hunt. He was extremely thorough in finding out exactly what we wanted and was… Read more “RC H”

Tiffany Grieashamer

Rick, Marietta, and Zeke Dalrymple are amazing to work with. They are always quick to respond and answer any questions you may have. Highly recommend… Read more “Tiffany Grieashamer”

Gayle Knapp

Rick knows the real estate of Utah thoroughly whether it’s urban, suburban, OR remotely rural.

Kenneth Blair

I would highly recommend Rick, Maritta and Zeke Dalrymple. I would trust them with any realesate action that I would have along the Wastch front.

Jesse Abney

Worked with Rick Dalrymple. A very knowledgeable and detailed oriented Real estate Agent. Thanks Rick.

Alexis Westwood

Rick was very professional, I would trust him with all my Salt Lake City real estate referrals.

Steven Smith

Rick was able to help me with all of my real estate needs even though I live in Santaquin.

Laurie Evans

Rick Dalrymple, Realtor @ The Stern Team will work hard for you! Laurie Evans, Bountiful, UT

Seasons Warner

Rick is punctual, reliable, and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to send my friends in the Salt Lake Valley to him for Real Estate needs.

Michelle Newton

Zeke and Rick were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were very responsive, professional and knowledgable. I would highly recommend them as your real… Read more “Michelle Newton”

R’Shara Elendil

Rick Dalrymple was a great guide! He’s a realtor in Utah and his work is as fantastic as his expeditions. We’re in South Jordan and… Read more “R’Shara Elendil”

Adam Hedrick

I’ve been working with Realtors Rick and Maritta from the Stern Team for the past year and they have been excellent at teaching me about… Read more “Adam Hedrick”

Gregory Tennysen

Rick Dalrymple is the realtor you need. He is very passionate, professional and will get the job done.

Chris Frokjer

They are’s very professional and patient also very understanding. Rick is a very knowledgeable realtor with several years of experience in the salt lake and… Read more “Chris Frokjer”

Nate Gundersen

Rick Dalrymple was super helpful and quick to respond. Very professional, I highly recommend. I will have him sell my next home as well as… Read more “Nate Gundersen”

Bertrand Marchand

We had a great experience working with Rick and Maritta for our first home purchase! They were very responsive and knowledgeable and made the process… Read more “Bertrand Marchand”

Brian M

Working with Rick Dalrymple has been a great pleasure, he goes above and beyond to get the job done. I will be recommending him to… Read more “Brian M”

S Pendleton

Rick and his team were very professional and got my house and side lot sold within a week! When buyer asked to have some further… Read more “S Pendleton”

TJ Wolfe

Over the summer, I decided to venture into buying a home again and after doing some research I decided the Stern Team would be good… Read more “TJ Wolfe”

Terry Norman

Rick Dalrymple sold our home quickly for full price. Responsive and professional. Best team out there. Even promised to share ultra secret rock hounding sites… Read more “Terry Norman”

Daniel Byshenk

Had a great time with Rick on a rockhounding tour. It was a blast, with a knowledgeable man, who explained what we were looking for… Read more “Daniel Byshenk”


Rick is simply outstanding!!!!

Scarlett May

Rick is a great man to work worth, very knowledgeable and friendly.

Alissa Crabtree

Rick and Marrita were both awesome to work with! They worked hard to make sure we got everything taken care of quickly and correctly.

Jaren Meyers

Rick is awesome!

Joann Meyers

Quality care from Rick and highly recommended.

Andrea Kelly

Rick is awesome!

Erin Oborn

I can’t recommend Rick and Mandi’s team with financial enough. Home shopping is stressful as is but these guys did everything and I mean EVERYTHING… Read more “Erin Oborn”

Margo Jimenez

I was really scared to try to purchase a home agree a really bad and costly experience that happened a year prior. I had got… Read more “Margo Jimenez”

Mark Rogers

We worked with Rick Dalrymple to both sell our home and purchase our new home and it was an absolute pleasure. He was very professional… Read more “Mark Rogers”

Brian Mitchem

Rick Dalrymple is a very exceptional realtor as well as a person. He was our realtor for our entire process and worked hard for us.… Read more “Brian Mitchem”

Brandie Moore

Rick, Mandi, and Amy were all amazing to work with. They all bent over backwards to get us into the house of our dreams and… Read more “Brandie Moore”

James Coova

Absolutely outstanding service! They helped us fix our credit all the way through closing on a house I would never go through anyone other than… Read more “James Coova”

Kylie Wiberg

This is the first home we are buying and a special thanks to Rick who took the time to show us houses he knew we… Read more “Kylie Wiberg”

Chase Noel

Working with the Stern team has been great. I had some pretty strict requirements for what I was looking for a home. Working with Rick… Read more “Chase Noel”

Brock Richards

Rick & Elizabeth were great to work with. They were always keeping me informed and helped every step of the process. Thank you

Tyler Wood

This team has earned my 5 star review. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t ever write reviews for anything, but this team impressed me… Read more “Tyler Wood”

miguel zavaleta

Had the smoothes experience with Jacqie and Rick buying our first property. Always on time and on top of everything that needed to be done.… Read more “miguel zavaleta”

Tara Horton

Rick and Mandi were true pros!


Had a great and smooth experience finding our home, thank you Rick, Jacqie and Mandi for always been on top of everything and making sure… Read more “H D”

Rylee & Dallin Peugnet

We love the stern team!! Maritta and Rick Dalrymple are the best, they helped us buy our home and have helped us with even more… Read more “Rylee & Dallin Peugnet”

Shelby Palmer

I just closed a transaction where I represented the Seller and Rick Dalrymple represented the Buyer. Rick was so great to work with and did… Read more “Shelby Palmer”

Daniel Clyne

Rick and the Stern team did everything they said they were going to do. It was a great experience! I highly recommend this them. Perfection… Read more “Daniel Clyne”

Stoddard Rocks

I love how Rick gets us the answers right away. Good Job as always. Keep those listings coming our way

Diane Steward

Based on Rick’s attention to detail and follow-through, one call – that’s all, when your real estate needs arise!

Seth T Johnson

Rick is very friendly. I would use him as my realtor in Riverton.

Douglas Langford

Rick, Maritta, and Zeke are amazing realtors in Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. Pick them for your real estate needs.

Brittany Kutz

Thank you Rick for the awesome rockhounding experiences.

Kurt Smith

Rick and his team were very professional, had everything in order and ahead of time, in fact we closed 11 days ahead of schedule, would… Read more “Kurt Smith”

Russ Hartill

Looking forward to finding the perfect next home with Rick’s help!

Annette Scott

Rick and Maritta are our first choice when it comes to Real Estate needs.

Craig Scott

Rick is great. I would contact them for our Realestate needs in Washington Terrace.

Jeanine Jones

Appreciate the civic-mindedness Rick brings to his real estate practice

Debbie Curtis

The Dalrymples are the best!!!

Brook Abarca

Rick, Zeke, & Marietta are all so nice and professional. If your looking for a great experience with real estate agents, you don’t need to… Read more “Brook Abarca”

Kimberly Cloward

If I ever have real estate needs I will for sure hit up Rick Dalrymple.

Jessica Hernandez

Sarah Earl

Getting a real estate agent that knows what he is doing is more than worth it. Rick took care of me and the sale of… Read more “Sarah Earl”

Laura Lake

Rick is a very friendly and helpful person to work with. He’s very knowledgeable and willing to share his know how. I recommend working with… Read more “Laura Lake”

Julie Williams

I am currently working with this team & I have had a Great experience so far! I recommend them!!

Brent Odenwalder

Rick and Maritta are great people! I recommend them for all of your real estate needs!

Rosie Jensen

Wonderful team to work with. Rick & Maritta. Great follow threw.

Mary Jones

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Rick and Maritta, you sre so knowledgeable about real estate! Thanks for all your help, we will call you when we need to sell… Read more “Mary Jones”

Alycia Brown

I live in Ogden and Rick was very helpful answering my real estate questions.