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Maritta Dalrymple

With a passion for all things real estate, I’m ready to help with your home buying and selling needs. I value hard work, integrity, and outstanding client service.

When I’m not assisting my clients with their real estate needs, my husband and I coordinate Utah’s best RockHounding trips! #RockOn

Cindy Coombs Miner

Maritta was great with us and pointed out some things that we did not even think of. She got us a the best price on… Read more “Cindy Coombs Miner”

Ryan Button

We worked primarily with Maritta Dalrymple’s team and Mandi Montague and had a wonderful experience. They made our first home-buying experience super easy and surprisingly… Read more “Ryan Button”

Veronica Ray

I had the opportunity to work with Maritta and Karim who were so wonderful! I had a ton of questions throughout the process as a… Read more “Veronica Ray”

David Huntsman

Maritta is a true professional and, though I am not yet able to purchase my new home, I know that I will use Maritta’s services.… Read more “David Huntsman”

Trenton Jones

Maritta is great! She understands your vision and really works hard to see that dream come true. She’s kind, courteous and hard… Read more “Trenton Jones”

Carrie Jones

We loved working with Maritta! She is very friendly and detail oriented. She was extremely helpful and was able to assist us with confidence and… Read more “Carrie Jones”

Elizabeth C. Huntsman

Maritta is a delight – so very knowledgeable and a consummate professional. While I have not yet used her expertise to finalize a sale, she’s… Read more “Elizabeth C. Huntsman”

Peter Huntsman

Maritta is the nicest person I know. She is so kind and always wants to help you out. I would highly recommend her to anyone… Read more “Peter Huntsman”

Geoff Huntsman

Maritta was very helpful and professional throughout the process. I could tell she really cared about my family and wanted the best outcome possible for… Read more “Geoff Huntsman”

Jim Bunker

Marietta was professional, responsive and pleasant to work with as the buyers agent. Responded quickly and expedited solutions to any issues that came up. Closed… Read more “Jim Bunker”

Clint Hoffar

Maritta and the stern team were amazing! They worked very quickly to get my wife and I in a second home. Maritta helped us purchase… Read more “Clint Hoffar”

Your Favorite Emo Theater Kid

Hannah Huntsman

Maritta Dalrymple, a member of The Stern Team, is so knowledgeable of the housing market. Her intelligence and understanding make her stand out and are… Read more “Hannah Huntsman”

Meladi Hodges

Had a great experience with the Stern Team. Maritta, our agent, is so knowledgeable and helped us as first time home buyers understand EVERYTHING! Everyone… Read more “Meladi Hodges”

Maddy Davison

Maritta and team were absolutely amazing. We bought a home in a tough sellers market and wouldn’t change our team for anything. We really appreciated… Read more “Maddy Davison”

Janice’s This Rock Girl said; Wait,What?

Rick and Maritta were amazing. They worked very hard to find us the perfect house in Cedar City! Thank you for… Read more “Janice’s This Rock Girl said; Wait,What?”

Michelle Meadors

Maritta and Jacqie were wonderful! They were kind, helpful, friendly and always positive during a very tense relocation from California to Utah. We’re so glad… Read more “Michelle Meadors”

Gigi Bailey

Maritta and her team were with us from start to finish and made the process of selling our house super… Read more “Gigi Bailey”

Alec Hardman

Maritta is arguably the greatest realtor ever to roam the streets of SLC. We bought with her and the we sold with her. Each time… Read more “Alec Hardman”

Janice Johanson

I live out of state so I really needed someone to stay on top of my house search. Maritta went the extra mile to walk… Read more “Janice Johanson”

David Knoell

We were warned the market was wild in Utah, so we were glad to have Maritta and the Stern team on our side because they… Read more “David Knoell”

Jennifer Steel

Living out of state and trying to find a home in Utah was overwhelming until we found Maritta. She worked diligently in this crazy market… Read more “Jennifer Steel”

Ryan Saunders

Maritta Dalrymple was referred by a close friend and helped me buy my first home always was there for any questions. Able to help me… Read more “Ryan Saunders”

Carolyn Ney

Maritta was enjoyable to work with. She is knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend… Read more “Carolyn Ney”

Michael Lydiksen

We worked with Maritta from the Stern team as our realtor and she was absolutely amazing. She is the only reason we were able to… Read more “Michael Lydiksen”

Teresa P.

The Stern Team has made buying a home in this wild market so much easier! We worked with Maritta and Emily – amazing team members!… Read more “Teresa P.”

Kevin Cannon

Real estate agents Rick & Maritta Dalrymple are Outstanding, Responsive and very Professional. We live in Morgan and recommend Rick & Maritta for all your… Read more “Kevin Cannon”

Elizabeth Hart

Zeke, Rick and Maritta have been extremely helpful in their efforts to help us explore properties in southern and northern utah. We love… Read more “Elizabeth Hart”

Rosendo Barrera

Rick and Marita Dalrymple is awesome to work with. We have been looking for some property and they are always sending us new listing and… Read more “Rosendo Barrera”

Harry Benis

Rick and Maritta, my personal real estate agents , super knowledgeable, super friendly, they know the business, some of the best rockhound guides there are,… Read more “Harry Benis”

Debra Miner

WE just got the keys to our new home. Working with The Stern Team was a wonderful experience. Maritta was extremely helpful and professional. She… Read more “Debra Miner”

Kassandra Wernhart

I live in California. I had Maritta and her team assist us with an exchange to buy investment properties around Salt Lake and Park city… Read more “Kassandra Wernhart”

Frank Krogman

Rick, and Maritta & Zeke , Are so Professional and and so easy to talk to about all aspects of Real Estate , they have… Read more “Frank Krogman”

Sarinda Holley

I would like to take a moment to show my appreciation to Rick Dalrymple, Maritta Dalrymple and Zeke Dalrymple for being some of the most… Read more “Sarinda Holley”

Ashley Baerlocher

Maritta and Emily were amazing! I couldn’t have found a home without them! Both were super responsive and available to answer all my questions which… Read more “Ashley Baerlocher”

Morgan Johnson

Emily and Maritta were great to work with. The market is crazy right now, but they always kept a positive attitude and helped us move… Read more “Morgan Johnson”

Tiffany Grieashamer

Rick, Marietta, and Zeke Dalrymple are amazing to work with. They are always quick to respond and answer any questions you may have. Highly recommend… Read more “Tiffany Grieashamer”

Kenneth Blair

I would highly recommend Rick, Maritta and Zeke Dalrymple. I would trust them with any realesate action that I would have along the Wastch… Read more “Kenneth Blair”

Jacquelyn Hedrick

I absolutely loved our experience with the Stern Team! (Specifically Maritta) we purchased two homes with them and not once did I feel pushed or… Read more “Jacquelyn Hedrick”

Adam Hedrick

I’ve been working with Realtors Rick and Maritta from the Stern Team for the past year and they have been excellent at teaching me about… Read more “Adam Hedrick”

Sung Park

Maritta of the Stearn Team was quick to return my call. Had some questions about the market in Taylorsville to which she was able to… Read more “Sung Park”

Bertrand Marchand

We had a great experience working with Rick and Maritta for our first home purchase! They were very responsive and knowledgeable and made the process… Read more “Bertrand Marchand”

Sarah Dyer

Maritta and Jen are kind, knowledgable, and extremely patient. A pleasure to work… Read more “Sarah Dyer”

Sierra Govett

Maritta was so knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and kind during our entire home buying process. I would highly recommend… Read more “Sierra Govett”


Maritta was a life saver when it came to buying our first house and has continued to be a huge help even six months after… Read more “Mtoninelli”

Jade Coppieters

Maritta is so great! She doesn’t work in our state, but she still answered so many questions for us and gave us a great referral.… Read more “Jade Coppieters”

Stephanie Lyden

Maritta Dalrymple was an incredible real estate agent to work with when we were buying our first home. She was always very patient during our… Read more “Stephanie Lyden”

Shandi Lenaburg

Maritta is great! We have purchased 2 house with her help and each time has been… Read more “Shandi Lenaburg”

Stefanie Wright

We have appreciated the attention and help that we have received from the Stern Team, and more specifically our realtor, Maritta Dalrymple. We had some… Read more “Stefanie Wright”

Jordan Lenaburg

Maritta with the Stern team is amazing! You know someone is good when they earn your repeat business. I have personally bought two houses with… Read more “Jordan Lenaburg”

Sam Young

Maritta Dalrymple was a fantastic realtor for my wife and I during our first home purchase. She was fantastic in answering our questions as well… Read more “Sam Young”

Kelsey Nelson

The Stern Team is amazing! We worked with Maritta and Emily to buy our first home and they made the whole process stress free and… Read more “Kelsey Nelson”

Steven Flynn

This year my wife and I bought our first home and we worked with Maritta. We cannot say enough great things about Maritta! She was… Read more “Steven Flynn”

Kaisa Lynn Gibb

Maritta Dalrymple is very knowledgeable and respectful, I wasn’t ready to buy yet, but she walked me through process & hooked me up with a… Read more “Kaisa Lynn Gibb”

Liv Uesi

My husband and I worked with Maritta. After calling another realtor and was turned down, i received a call from Maritta asking if i was… Read more “Liv Uesi”

Alissa Crabtree

Rick and Marrita were both awesome to work with! They worked hard to make sure we got everything taken care of quickly and… Read more “Alissa Crabtree”

Sarah Reynolds

Maritta was amazing to work with. This was our first time home buying experience and she made it so easy. She made herself or her… Read more “Sarah Reynolds”

Ryan Button

We worked primarily with Maritta Dalrymple’s team and Mandi Montague and had a wonderful experience. They made our first home-buying experience super easy and surprisingly… Read more “Ryan Button”

Veronica Ray

I had the opportunity to work with Maritta and Karim who were so wonderful! I had a ton of questions throughout the process as a… Read more “Veronica Ray”

Stefanie Palmquist

Marrita and The Stern Team was great to work with! Finding a home was quick and easy. Very quick responses to all my questions and… Read more “Stefanie Palmquist”

Colton Kimber

Maritta was absolutely amazing to work with! I’m a first time buyer and she really took the time to go over the process with me… Read more “Colton Kimber”

Daniel Feller

Maritta was great! We had just relocated to the SLC area and her insight was invaluable in helping us find a home we loved… Read more “Daniel Feller”

Liz Nielsen

I cannot say enough great things about the Stern Team (particularly Maritta Dalrymple)! They are incredibly genuine, very knowledgable, fairly priced, and they truly want… Read more “Liz Nielsen”

Erin Miller

Maritta and Jennifer were absolutely amazing!! I couldn’t have been more lucky to find them. The whole process has been… Read more “Erin Miller”

Ettie Lynn Martinez

This is my second time using the Stern Team. I love that I get a whole team of professionals to work with. They found us… Read more “Ettie Lynn Martinez”

Misty Petersen

very professional and helpful! Any time we had questions no matter what hour it was he would help us out! he made our home experience… Read more “Misty Petersen”

angie stoyanova

I cannot say enough good things about Maritta, Jacqie and the rest of the KW Stern Team. My whole experience from beginning to end has… Read more “angie stoyanova”

Elliot W.

My fiance and I had an awesome experience with the Stern Team buying our first home & investment property. Jacqie and Maritta were with us… Read more “Elliot W.”

Loren Garner

An awesome buying experience! Maritta knows the local market and guided us through every question and issue. Jacqui learned exactly what we were looking for… Read more “Loren Garner”

Stefanie Palmquist

Marrita and The Stern Team once again it was great to work with you again!! Selling my home was fast and easy. I literally sat… Read more “Stefanie Palmquist”

Jannette LaRose

I personally love this team! Maritta has been the best to work with. She believes in us and the efforts we are making to get… Read more “Jannette LaRose”

Brittany Deppe

Maritta w/ The Stern Team is amazing! Definately give her a call!… Read more “Brittany Deppe”

Rylee & Dallin Peugnet

We love the stern team!! Maritta and Rick Dalrymple are the best, they helped us buy our home and have helped us with even more… Read more “Rylee & Dallin Peugnet”

Jena Kelsey

Oh my. Where would we be if we didn’t have Maritta. She’s helped my husband and I the last 4 years find a house. We’ve… Read more “Jena Kelsey”

Christine C

The Stern team was amazing when we bought our house. We moved from back East and had no idea what the market would be. We… Read more “Christine C”

Patricia Garner

We had a wonderful experience finding our home. Maritta Dalrymple has been very helpful. And she continues to be helpful when we have questions or… Read more “Patricia Garner”

Douglas Langford

Rick, Maritta, and Zeke are amazing realtors in Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. Pick them for your real estate… Read more “Douglas Langford”

Lisa Hymas

I loved working with Maritta Dalrymple and her team. They have been excellent. They don’t just sell a house, they help you understand the process,… Read more “Lisa Hymas”

Annette Scott

Rick and Maritta are our first choice when it comes to Real Estate… Read more “Annette Scott”

Debbie Curtis

The Dalrymples are the… Read more “Debbie Curtis”

Brook Abarca

Rick, Zeke, & Marietta are all so nice and professional. If your looking for a great experience with real estate agents, you don’t need to… Read more “Brook Abarca”

Abilla Family

We live in south Jordan and would definitely use Maritta as a realtor. Very detail oriented and… Read more “Abilla Family”

joe tree

Got us into a house quick and… Read more “joe tree”

Brent Odenwalder

Rick and Maritta are great people! I recommend them for all of your real estate… Read more “Brent Odenwalder”

Rosie Jensen

Wonderful team to work with. Rick & Maritta. Great follow… Read more “Rosie Jensen”

Mary Jones

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Rick and Maritta, you sre so knowledgeable about real estate! Thanks for all your help, we will call you when we need to sell… Read more “Mary Jones”

Joyce Allen

Maritta was a joy to work… Read more “Joyce Allen”

Debra Jacobson

I just signed on with Rick and Marietta as my real estate agents. I am so happy for this next… Read more “Debra Jacobson”

Rosie Jensen

Wonderful team to work with. Rick & Maritta. Great follow threw. I would use them as my realtors and refer any family &… Read more “Rosie Jensen”

Jennifer Summers

I have heard good things about Rick and Maritta and in the future when I move south, (right now i’m in extreme northern Utah) I… Read more “Jennifer Summers”

JAM McElwain

Rick And Marita are always positive knowledgeable and super super easy to work with. 101/10 DO… Read more “JAM McElwain”

Suzanne Rutkowski

I want to express my gratitude for the excellent help and communication provided by Maritta Darlymple in assisting a family member with their real estate… Read more “Suzanne Rutkowski”

Cathy Grether

Maritta, Jacqie and Cyndy have been amazing from start to finish. Their team was great at communicating, kept us informed and helped us find the… Read more “Cathy Grether”

Jade Bloomfield

My husband and I were incredibly happy with the experience we had with Maritta and Jacqi of the Keller Williams Salt Lake team. From the… Read more “Jade Bloomfield”